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Chin. Opt. Lett.
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High-speed 3D imaging based on structured illumination and electrically tunable lens
Dongping Wang1;2, Yunlong Meng1;2, Dihan Chen1;2, Yeung Yam1, and Shih-Chi Chen1;2
1 Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, [The Chinese University of Hong Kong], Shatin, Hong Kong SAR, China
2 Shenzhen Research Institute, [The Chinese University of Hong Kong], Shenzhen 518057, China

Chin. Opt. Lett., 2017, 15(09): pp.090004

Keywords(OCIS Code): 180.6900  180.2520  220.1080  

In this Letter, we present a high-speed volumetric imaging system based on structured illumination and an electrically tunable lens (ETL), where the ETL performs fast axial scanning at hundreds of Hz. In the system, a digital micro-mirror device (DMD) is utilized to rapidly generate structured images at the focal plane in synchronization with the axial scanning unit. The scanning characteristics of the ETL are investigated theoretically and experimentally. Imaging experiments on pollen samples are performed to verify the optical cross-sectioning and fast axial scanning capabilities. The results show that our system can perform fast axial scanning and three-dimensional (3D) imaging when paired with a high-speed camera, presenting an economic solution for advanced biological imaging applications.

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Posted online:2017/7/19

Get Citation: Dongping Wang, Yunlong Meng, Dihan Chen, Yeung Yam, and Shih-Chi Chen, "High-speed 3D imaging based on structured illumination and electrically tunable lens," Chin. Opt. Lett. 15(09), 090004(2017)

Note: This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), General Program (No. 51375415) and the Development of a Flexure-based Optical Scanning System and a Multimodal Nonlinear Endomicroscope for in vivo Biological Studies, as well as the HKSAR Research Grants Council (RGC) General Research Fund (CUHK 14202815).


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