COL Cover Story: Compressed sensing in synthetic aperture photoacoustic tomography based on a linear array ultrasound transducer
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Photoacoustictomography (PAT) is a noninvasive and non-ionizing hybrid biomedical imagingmodality, which has the unique capability of visualizing optical absorptioninside the several centimeters deep biological tissue with high acoustic spatialresolution. It is of great value on clinic as a powerful supplement oftraditional ultrasound imaging. However, the single linear array transducerbased PAT suffers from the limited view challenge and the resolution is stillnot high enough in current PAT configuration.

In the recentwork, a feasible synthetic aperture PAT based on the compressed sensingreconstruction algorithm proposed by Xiangwei Lin, a Ph. D. student in AssociateProf. Mingjian Sun’s lab at Harbin Institute of Technology, has overcome thesedifficulties without any additional data acquisition hardware. This approachcombined the ultrasound spatial compounding method to extend the effectiveaperture size and the compressed sensing technique to reduce the measurementdataset. Both the simulation and experimental results testified the theoreticalmodel and validated that this approach can efficiently improve the imageresolution and address the limited view problem while preserving targetinformation with less number of measurements.

Thisresearch relies on the synthetic aperture PAT to achieve the multi-view dataacquisition to solve the limited view challenge and sparse sampling in the compressedsensing algorithm to recover the target structure of biomedical tissue withreduced measurements. It could provide a potential solution in the clinicaltransformation to visualize the structure of blood vessel, human breast more clearlyand completely with the clinical B-mode ultrasound imaging system. This work isreported in Chinese Optics Letters Volume 15, No. 10,2017 (Xiangwei Lin,et al., Compressed sensing in synthetic aperture photoacoustic tomography basedon a linear-array ultrasound transducer).

“The presentedwork has greatly improved the resolution of PAT system and its potential forclinical transformation by multi-view sparse data sampling and the compressedsensing reconstruction algorithm”, said Associate Prof. Mingjian Sun.

In thefuture study, with the optimized sparse sampling, real time 3D syntheticaperture based PAT for whole-body small animal imaging and clinical feasibilityfor peripheral vessels and human breast imaging will be further investigated. 

Graphic description: ISyntheticaperture configuration with 1/4 data acquisition channel. Limited viewreconstruction results (II) and enhanced resolution simulation results (III). Thephotoacoustic images reconstructed by (a) BP with center aperture (b) BP withsynthetic aperture (c) CS with synthetic aperture (d) CS with 1/4 syntheticaperture. Fig. III (e) is the profile along the center line on Figs. III (a)-(d).Note: Back projection (BP), Compressed sensing (CS).

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